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Global Apps in the Studio

How to manage Global Apps in the developper Studio


3 minute read

Managing global apps in the Studio

Since the Orlando release, it is possibe to use the Studio to develop Applications in the Global Scope.

We will see in this post how to achieve this and what are the limitations compared to scoped applications in the Studio.

High order function in script include, accessing the context (this)

how to access this context when using high order functions in a ServiceNow script include.


5 minute read

In the Service-Now script includes (or in Javascript in general), the context of the this in not reachable when using high order function.

This might be obvious for some of you, but it was not for me and I struggled some time to achieve what I wanted in a clean manner. Hence this post.

Enable PlugIn

Using script to enable a PlugIn


1 minute read

This is a quick note about how to enable a PlugIn by script var pluginArr = ['com.sn_glidequery']; var pluginMgr= new GlideMultiPluginManagerWorker(); pluginMgr.setPluginIds(pluginArr ); pluginMgr.setProgressName("Plugin Installer"); pluginMgr.setBackground(true); pluginMgr.start(); Reference Ashby, NOW community - Activate plugin via script / automatically, accessed 2020 06 10

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