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Playing with the Transformation Service Plugin

Overview and usage of the Transformation Service Plugin


7 minute read

Transformation Service Plugin

The plugin “Transformation Service Plugin” provides a transfomer API that allows to process JSON or XML data by applying transformations and rules and returning a key/value object with the result.

We will see in this post how it work and what are the limitations and go through a few examples.

Using remote tables in ServiceNow

Smoke tests with remote tables functionnality


17 minute read

What are remote tables

Since the New York release, ServiceNow offers a new functionality called remote tables.

Remote tables allows to query and retrieves data from other systems, via REST/SOAP and use them almost seamlessly in service-now.

The remote table can be used like a standard, local, table:

GlideQuery Cheat Sheet

an attempt to document GlideQuery functions and methods


6 minute read

This is a draft Cheat Sheet for the GlideQuery. Please see this post for a detailled introduction. This cheat sheet was build with elements gathered from presentations and blog posts and also from reading the script include. It may not be accurate, might evolve and all comments and corrections are welcome ! invoking GlideQuery In a similar way that GlideRecord, the table name is passed as a parameter: var myTable = new GlideQuery('table_name'); Cheat sheet Selections, insert, update get() Returns a single record by querying primary key key.

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