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Sam's ServiceNow adventures

A place where to share about ServiceNow platform and technologies

Interactive map in the portal

Integrate OpenStreetMap with ServiceNow records in the Portal


13 minute read

This article shows how to display records from SericeNow that are related to a location on a map in the ServiceNow portal, using OpenStreetMap (OSM).

For this purpose, we will create a portal Widget and make it interact with a list to show the records related to the choosen location.

Playing with the Transformation Service Plugin

Overview and usage of the Transformation Service Plugin


7 minute read

Transformation Service Plugin

The plugin “Transformation Service Plugin” provides a transfomer API that allows to process JSON or XML data by applying transformations and rules and returning a key/value object with the result.

We will see in this post how it work and what are the limitations and go through a few examples.

Global Apps in the Studio

How to manage Global Apps in the developper Studio


3 minute read

Managing global apps in the Studio

Since the Orlando release, it is possibe to use the Studio to develop Applications in the Global Scope.

We will see in this post how to achieve this and what are the limitations compared to scoped applications in the Studio.

Using remote tables in ServiceNow

Smoke tests with remote tables functionnality


17 minute read

What are remote tables

Since the New York release, ServiceNow offers a new functionality called remote tables.

Remote tables allows to query and retrieves data from other systems, via REST/SOAP and use them almost seamlessly in service-now.

The remote table can be used like a standard, local, table:

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This blog is a personnal blog from Samuel Meylan about ServiceNow technologies and other business related topics.

Sam is a ServiceNow Senior Developper and technical consultant with more than 8 years of experience. He particularly like making integrations and solving complexes requirements.

He also enjoy discovering new and enhanced features shipped with each ServiceNow release.